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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to our new-looking Bexley Rugby Website. We have been busy designing and redeveloping the new site away from our current providers to give us more flexibility and a nicer-looking design.

Players please can you sign up to the website today, so that your previous player stats can be matched to your new accounts!

The website contains information, pictures and history of the club that was transferred from the old website and augmented with new items. We have an entire new members area for all our players, parents and supporters, with a much better design profile system for the players, we just need you to register and we can then add any historical player data from previous seasons.

Below are some FAQs about our new website:

Why have you moved away from Pitchero?

We found that the previous website provider was too expensive for us and didn't offer the full customisation and freedom to do what we wanted on the site. One of the biggest annoyance for us was the endless adverts!

Why do we need to recreate our profiles?

We have completely changed website providers and platform, so we made the decision to not setup players profiles, but give you the option to create your own!

Do I need to create a Player Profile?

Ideally yes! The website has adopted some of the old features from the previous website and has drastically improved on them. Having your player profile will help with:

  • Match Report Systems

  • Tracking your Player Progress

  • Providing you with a profile to advertise and promote yourself

How do I get started?

From the main Website Home Page, select the Login / Create Account Option from the main menu and follow the steps. All new accounts are validated and the correct permissions assigned. You can then create your own profile, picture, links to your social media, whatever you want.

Bexley Rugby Players - Sign up to the website today!