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Our Club History

Established in 1957, Bexley Rugby Club has grown and expanded to become the club that we know and love today


Bexley Rugby welcomes our first Women's Team

During the Summer of 2022, Bexley Rugby evolved to include a woman’s rugby team for the first time in its history.

This became a welcome addition to the club and added to the inclusivity of the club.


Bit of a year to say the least!

As with many clubs, the Global Pandemic affected the club and due to lack of games, many players were not available or prepared to play. As a consequnce, it was decided to withdraw from the league and build up our numbers of players.

Despite this, however, the junior section slowly increased in most age groups up to U12.



60th Anniversary.jpg

Another 10 years have gone so quickly

In this year, we celebrated another 'birthday' and we once agin had an invitation match and celebratory dinner with many importnat guests from past and present. This was our 6oth anniversary


50 years and counting

In this year the club celebrated their 50th anniversary and held both an anniversary match 1st XV against an Invitation XV and a gala dinner with many past players attending and guests from the RFU, Kent RFU and Bexley Borough Council.

50 Years.jfif


Foggy Field

Homeless again and on the move

Bexley Council sold the land in Thanet Road and the Club were once again homeless. The Club joined Bexley Hospital Sports & Social Club at Calvert Road, gaining not only the use of their clubhouse and bar but also a pitch on the same ground. A floodlit training area was quickly established and together with the new facilities provided a base for the mini and junior rugby to grow. Through the dedication of our volunteers the club has established a number of local school links, embedding us within the community.


Partnership Attempts

In the early 1990’s Bexley engaged in a partnership with Charlton Park rugby club and a lottery bid was made to allow Charlton Park RFC to relocate to Flamingo Park and for Bexley to purchase their Avery Hill ground. Unfortunately the bid was initially unsuccessful and although potentially the Lottery was prepared to receive an improved submission our membership decided after some consideration that its future was better in the Bexley area. Although disappointing the bid coincided with the establishment of our Mini Rugby section, which continues to this day.

1990 1st XV.jpg



We have a Clubhouse!

In February the Club, applied successfully to rent the nearly derelict St, John's Fisher Catholic Church in Thanet Road, Bexley from the local council. As is well known the wheels of local government turn so quickly that by August 1978, we moved in, two and a half years after applying.

The fight of a merger

In the early years the majority of the senior players were Old Boys, of the Academy and contact with the school remained, ensuring albeit a diminishing but steady supply of players from the school.


However, there was fierce competition with local clubs for players and eventually an approach was made by Park House to merge with Bexley into one club. A meeting of Bexley members was held and, with one exception, all voted against the proposal.

The biggest drawback that existed for the Club was the lack of its own clubhouse. Over the years many attempts were made to find one but, until 1976, all had failed.

1970 1st xv.jpg



1966 pic.jpg

We became
'Bexley Rugby Club'

When Bexley became a Greater London Borough in 1965 it was decided to re-name the Club "Bexley Rugby Football Club". The crab was not forgotten and the second team, to this day are still known as the "Hermits".


We become official!

The Club was registered with the Rugby Football Union and Kent Society of Rugby Football Union Referee's. The club was able to rent a ground at Hall Place Playing fields, Bexley. The staggering sum of £14 was paid as rent for the season, borrowed from an uncle of Alan (Bugsy) McConnell. Within five or six years the Club had become well established in Kent, particularly Bexley, running three full sides plus a Colts team.

1970 1st xv.jpg
Hermit Crab.jpg

We became "The Hermits Rugby Football Club"

The first few games were played away, due to the lack of a ground so it was decided to name the club "The Hermits Rugby Football Club", after the Hermit crab, which spends most of its life using other creature’s shells as its home. The Hermit crab therefore became the emblem of the club.



Bexley Rugby is Born in 1957

A few members of the 5th year of St. Joseph's Academy, Blackheath, headed by Lawrence Sullivan and Ronald Munro, decided to form a rugby team, "The Hermits Rugby Football Club". Although they asked the Headmaster to become an official Old Boy’s team, this was refused due to previous links with other clubs. Not discouraged, they decided to form a team independently of the Old Boy's Association.

St josephs acadamy.jpg


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