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Minions / Under 6

This Team has been archived

Bexley Rugby Club has decided to retire this team from action, though their page is still available, they are no longer active. 

Head Coach: 

Lee Gauci

Nursery, Reception Years and Year 1

Welcome to Bexley Minions and Under 6's, where you can find out just how much fun running around with a rugby ball can be. If you are between 3 to 5 years of age you can join in and learn the basic skills of rugby in an enjoyable and imaginative way.

We teach the skills of running, catching, throwing and sharing, and our aim is to put you on a path of becoming a member of our team whilst having fun at the same time.

Everyone is welcome, boys & girls of all abilities, come along and join in with the fun and games and meet new friends. We meet every Sunday, starting at 10am and aim to finish around 11am. Joining today you will be given a free 4 week trial to see if you enjoy the sport of rugby and want to join our club.


Here at Bexley Rugby, we follow the Kids First program from the RFU that creates a great rugby environment putting children at the heart of everything we do.


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