Duty of Care


Everyone involved in coaching and or administration of rugby must understand the Duty of Care they have to those in their charge.

It is important that all coaches, team managers and administrators adhere to all RFU rules, directives, regulations as well as Bexley RFC rules directives and policies. (like the Safeguarding policy). This is especially so when working with children and young people (those under 18 years of age). We must all pay close regard to health and safety issues and carry out necessary risk assessments particularly where is contact.

The Regulations for Age Grade Rugby are contained in Regulation 15 of the game and these are supported by the Codes of Practice. Regulation 15 includes everything required to support the playing of the game to the right rules in as safe and supportive environment and should act as the first port of call for delivery of Age Grade Rugby.

The principle behind the Rules of Play is to provide a playing format with building blocks to the 15-a-side game that allows players time to get to grips with the basics of running and catching the ball before contact and specialism is gradually introduced – which positively impacts on players safety.

These regulations should also be read with Regulation 21 (Safeguarding) and Regulation 9 (Players Safety).

The Under 19 Law Variations apply at the scrum and the phased line out introduction starts at Under 14.

It is important that these directives and rules are strictly adhered to.

In the case of any injury claims all insurers inevitably require evidence that clubs have been complying with any relevant regulations/directives issued by the governing body of that sport. Also, in this litigious age, should an injury occur, for example, to an U7 player playing competitive contact rugby matches or U14 players lifting in the line out, the referee, coaches and club could all become liable for claims of negligence.

You must not allow any action, either in training or playing that is contrary to any RFU rule, directive or regulation or any club rule, directive or policy relevant to any specific age group.

All clubs are required to comply with: • RFU Regulation 15 Age Grade Rugby • RFU Guidance to Age Grade Rugby Regulation 15 • The RFU Rules of Play • Under 19 Law Variations • Playing restrictions and child protection guidelines outlined by the RFU Compliance with RFU rules and directives and regulations as well as those of the club, is important as failure to do so might result in both individuals and the club being found to be negligent.

Review Yearly – next review due August 2022